NADA Expo Brings New Dealer Tech, Why Car Buyers Love Twitter, and Why You Should Worry Less About Cybersecurity

NADA Expo Brings New Dealer Tech, Why Car Buyers Love Twitter, and Why You Should Worry Less About Cybersecurity

2017 has no doubt gotten off to a rocky start, and while the unpredictability will still continue, we at least have some new tech and ideas to look forward to revealed at the recent NADA Expo. Our first story looks at three of the most promising dealer technologies seen at the conference.

Our second story more generally covers the potential of how web marketing efforts can help dealers connect with consumers. According to recent research, over 40 percent of those who purchase vehicles or have them serviced at dealers follow dealerships on Twitter to get notified of offers and discounts.

Finally, we have some reassurance from a data and cybersecurity expert that should quell some of the more irrational fears plaguing us.

So let the learning begin!


The Best Dealer Tech at the 2017 NADA Expo

While hard-and-fast technologies like electric vehicle powertrains are constantly being refined, much of the disruption behind-the-scenes in the auto industry comes from improvements in cloud-based applications for dealerships. Some of the most innovative and useful of these nascent apps were recently on display at NADA Expo 2017.

GoMoto and the DriveItNow platform are two such companies pioneering the way consumers buy autos. DriveItNow enables shoppers to “search by payment” to see all of the models they can qualify for and that fit within their monthly budget. GoMoto is an ever-evolving, self-guided customer sales interface that allows people to guide part of their own sales experience online or at special kiosks found in dealer showrooms. Both platforms seamlessly integrate with one another., another promising tech product found at NADA, couples with DealersLink to provide classified auto ads that better-integrate with dealer’s CRM systems.

And, of course, MyDealerOnline sits atop these technologies, enabling dealers to list vehicles available wholesale in a branded environment.


Car Shoppers Follow Dealers on Twitter for Deals

In a recent study on social media car-buying trends, Digital Air Strike found that nearly half of all dealer customers follow dealerships on Twitter in order to see the latest promos, discounts and deals. 44 percent of all sales customers and 47 percent of all service customers surveyed used Twitter for this purpose.

This study indicates the need for dealers to have a Twitter presence in order to compete with others who may try to undercut them with online promotions. It also reveals yet another chapter in the long evolution of online lead generation tools.


Data Expert: Stop Biting Your Nails About Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a huge pressing issue in this modern age, but certain company representatives would have you believe that your servers are being raided every night, like an open cookie jar harangued by roaches every time the lights go out.

While it is true that you should have data security measures in place, many companies would rather misinform you and do little to enhance cybersecurity in favor of simply making you feel scared.

“It’s important to recognize when someone is playing on your fears in an effort to serve their own agenda,” observes auto data expert Steve Cottrell. He recommends that instead, you become more familiar with how your data is captured, how it is stored and how it flows between systems. This knowledge can help you put in place smart, calculated security solutions rather than a “kitchen sink” approach driven by paranoia.

Catch his full recommendation here:

So is your dealership worried about “the cyber” these days? Are you excited about the new tech on display at NADA 2017? Are you concerned about your dealer’s Twitter presence in light of the recent study? Give us your two cents and more on our Facebook page!

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