Cars That Last Over 200k mi, CR’s Worst Cars of 2017, Older Used Cars Scarce, and a “Hot” Huracan Auction

Cars That Last Over 200k mi, CR’s Worst Cars of 2017, Older Used Cars Scarce, and a “Hot” Huracan Auction

Greetings, wheelers and dealers! March has come in like a lion and out like a lion, catching us off-guard with a number of serious storms and harrowing incidents like Atlanta’s I-85 collapse. We hope everyone is ok out there!

To lighten up the mood, we have some fun but informative looks at the best and worst used cars. In terms of “best,” a study reveals unkillable cars most likely to make it past 200,000 miles. Then, Consumer Reports dishes out serious shade with their list of the worst 2016 models.

Detroit News also has a sobering look at why affordable, older used car models are scarce. Hint: we had a recession. Finally, is this Lamborghini Huracan auction the ultimate fixer-upper?


SUVs Top List of Unkillable 200k Cars

We have all had those cars that clung to life well past what we thought was their expiration date. While most vehicles get traded in before too many zeroes rack up on the odometer, these cars keep on trucking until 200,000 miles and beyond.

“Trucking” is accurate, too, considering a study by iseecars revealed that big truck-based SUVs have the longest shelf life — er, road life. The Ford Expedition tops the list, followed by four GM vehicles and two Toyotas, in no particular order. Toyota also pops up as #8, with the Avalon being the sedan with the most tenacity.

You can read the full list to see the most persistent performers here:


Consumer Reports Takes the Worst 2017 Cars to Task

We can’t help but stare at train wrecks, and Consumer Reports just released a list of the most mangled ideas that made it off the car assembly line for the 2017 model year, seemingly for our voyeuristic pleasure.

Since we aren’t the mean type, we won’t be naming any names here, but all but one of these should come as no surprise. Read their full list, and their reasoning for why each car is terrible, here:


Detroit News: 2009-2010 Model Years a Rarer Find

Just in case you blacked out over the last decade or so, there was a pretty serious moment back in 2008 where we all thought that the U.S. economy was headed for a true meltdown. Luckily, we jerked the wheel just before driving off the cliff, but the effects of the financial crisis sent shockwaves throughout every American industry.

Unsurprisingly, not many people were buying new cars during this time. 2009-2010 model year sales were at astounding lows. This sales gap has now caught up with us as people go out hunting for affordable used cars in the <$10,000 range. In the meantime, recent-model off-lease and fleet vehicles have been hitting the wholesale market in record numbers, creating an unprecedented scene within the used car sales industry.

Learn more about this phenomenon and how it is affecting the industry in The Detroit News’ full story:


Is This “Gently Used” Lambo Huracan Listing a Hot Deal?

In what could be the best deal ever seen in an auction lot, this salvage title 2015 Lamborghini Huracan is likely to sell at just a fraction of its original actual cash value of $236,055. It needs a little bit of work, but the estimated repair cost is only $5, so that’s promising!

The mileage could be incredibly low, too, but we can’t seem to be able to find the odometer anywhere. But, hey! It’s got a tilt steering wheel! And a V10! The auction says the vehicle won’t start for some reason, but you do get the keys.

Don’t get burned by letting this perfect project car pass you by! View the listing here:

So what would your maximum bid be for that red-hot Lambo? Have you noticed a lack of ‘09 and ‘10 models on your lot? Do you think you’ll knock down the trade-in values for vehicles dubbed the year’s worst? And, finally, what’s the highest mileage you’ve ever racked up on a car?


Recap you story and thoughts in the comments below!

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