Most Beloved Cars, Why Salespeople Need to Study, Millennial Luxury Tastes, and We Hope Your Insurance Covers Hail!

Most Beloved Cars, Why Salespeople Need to Study, Millennial Luxury Tastes, and We Hope Your Insurance Covers Hail!

In this week’s whirlwind round-up of the most interesting posts in the auto world, we have a list of cars people tend to hold onto for dear life. Then, two interesting studies: one that shows why dealer sales reps need to study up and another on how the millennial generation is getting a taste for luxury cars.

Finally, a harrowing look at a recent hailstorm in Colorado that shattered windshields …and no doubt some people’s hopes of getting an insurance reimbursement.

So let’s get cracking!

The Cars People Own the Longest

We all have relatives who drive around their 1986 Chrysler Fifth Avenue like it was built last year, but some cars tend to stick around regardless of who owns them. Whether out of reliability, love or some sort of magic spell, these models withstand the test of time and live in owner’s garages much longer than usual.

At the top of the list is the Toyota Land Cruiser, which owners hang onto for an average of 10.6 years. Then comes the Porsche Boxster, followed by the Ford Expedition. The Toyota Avalon is the only sedan on the list dominated by big SUVs and desirable sports cars.

Get the full rundown here:

Most People Say They Know More About Cars Than Their Dealer

The internet is a handy resource, and people are using it to make better-informed purchases on cars. An unfortunate side effect is that many people show up with all the right questions to ask about a particular model, only to have the sales rep have no clue how to answer it.

Worst of all, dealers have a skewed view of this interchange — 70 percent asserted customers trusted their reps while only 9 percent of customers said the same. Also, 61 percent said they frequently know more than the rep does about the car.

Clearly, reps need to look more into features and consider buying choices from a customer perspective. Read the full report here:

Millennials Love Luxury Cars More Than Any Generation

While the millennial generation took a few years to find its footing, they now have a deeper appetite for luxury cars than any prior generation. Seven of the most loved car brands for millennials are luxury marques, and this trend towards luxury was repeated in other sectors like retail, restaurants and more.

Read about millennial’s opulent tastes here:

Oh Hail No! Baseball-Sized Hail Cracks Windshields in CO

In a storm that seems to come out of nowhere, Colorado drivers in the Denver area suddenly found themselves going from annoyed to terrified. The weather quickly goes from gloomy rain to chucking baseball-sized chunks of ice, leaving many a spiderwebbed windshield in its wake.

Watch a few of the harrowing videos here:

So when was the last time mother nature forced you to order a new windshield? Have you noticed millennials leaning towards luxury cars? Do you make your sales reps study up? And, last but not least, which cars have you or your family held onto the longest?

Chime in down in the comments below!


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